Projects by Northwind

Northwind has proven our ability to self-perform as a prime contractor through the diverse services we offer to numerous government agencies and commercial clients. Northwind is an experienced DHS, DOD, DOA, and DOI government contractor. We perform project work and continuously exceed government performance goals. Our range of experience continues to expand as we work with different goverment agencies.

Safety and Health
Northwind is committed to operating all of our projects in a safe, efficient manner and in compliance with all applicable safety, health, rules, and regulations. We are proactive in our approach to identifying potential risks and hazards in order to provide an injury-free work environment where people, equipment, and the environment are not placed in an unsafe situation. We continually endeavor to be responsible citizens in every community in which we operate. In addition, Northwind adheres to the standards set by USACE Safety and Health Requirements Manual EM385 1-1.

Equally important to safety is quality. Northwind has developed a portfolio of satisfied clients who recognize and depend on the quality of our services. We take pride in providing the most accurate and efficient technologies possible in order to achieve the goals of a project under complete regulatory compliance. Our record of finished projects, as well as those in progress, is an indication of our reliability, working, relations and results-generating performance.