Services Offered by Northwind

Northwind has been providing services for federal and commercial contracts for over 8 years. We have the ability to meet the demanding challenges of federal contracts and have proven our ability to work across the continental United States, Guam, and Iraq. Northwind has offices, personnel and equipment resources nationwide.

Communication Services
Northwind is experienced in the installation of communication towers, shelters, and communication power. We work with communication industry leaders such as PEPRO, Thermobond, and Sabre Communications, all of which are our preferred communication vendors. Our specialty is tower and shelter delivery and erection in remote locations of the country.

Construction Services
Northwind's construction professionals and craft personnel are available to complete new building construction and renovation. Northwind's construction and renovation experience includes numerous government agencies and commercial customers within the United States and Iraq.

Electrical Services
Northwind has the in-house tools and equipment to support all electrical project needs. We currently staff Master, Journeymen and Field Electricians as well as Engineers. Our electrical equipment includes testing, cable pulling, and test bending equipment.

Emergency Response Services
Northwind provides an answer to emergency situations when disaster strikes. We offer hurricane disaster response, forest fire response, earthquake response, blizzard response, and industrial accident response. Our mobile clerical support units offer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week services that include publications, binding, mass printing, specialty prints, and full size drawing plotting.

Equipment Services
Northwind provides equipment sales, equipment rentals, and operated equipment services with company owned equipment. These services are available throughout the United States.

Excavating and Earthwork Services
Northwind can complete the most difficult of earthwork and excavating services. We provide excavation, water division, property cleanup, site development, and utility installation. We have provided road and bridge construction for the USDA Forest Service, USACE, and BLM.

Facility Management/Maintenance
Northwind's facilties management program ensures the status ready condition requirements of government facilities are met. Northwind also provides various facility maintenance services to many locations across the United States. We offer facility management and operations, repair upgrades, owner representation, construction management, and building construction services.

Sustainment Services
Northwind's staff are capable of meeting your full-service sustainability needs. Northwind's capabilities include energy assessments, energy audits, electrical conservation, water conservation, alternate energy, and footprint improvement and reduction.

Technical Services
Northwind provides widespread technical services and resources such as staff augmentation, proposal and plan writing, estimating, safety management, quality conrol management, NPDES permit application, safety management, quality control management, technical consulting, and professional engineering services. Northwind has a proposal group and professional engineers dedicated to these services.

Trail, Road, and Bridge Services
Northwind has constructed numerous bridges, roads, and trails of various surface types through-out the United States. Northwind has completed hundreds of miles of road and trail resurfacing and grading. In addition to standard surfaces (wood, dirt, gravel, rock, concrete, asphalt), Northwind installed the first of its kind driving surface aggregate (DSA) road for Allegheny National Forest.

Transportation Services
Northwind has in-house truck transportation that may be used for the most efficient and cost effective transportation needs.

Wetlands and Forestry Services
Northwind offers wetland and forestry services including wetland remediation, wetland construction, tree and vegetative management and non-native invasive species removal and/or management. Northwind has provided these services across the United States for the USDA Forest Service, National Park Service, and others.


Government Agency Customers
Department of Defense
US Army Corps of Engineers
Baltimore, Buffalo, Jacksonville, New York, Norfolk, Omaha, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Rock Island, & St. Louis Districts
US Army
US Air Force
US Navy
Defense Logistics Agency
Defense National Stockpile Center
US Army Reserves
Ohio National Guard
Pennsylvania National Guard
Rhode Island National Guard
Alabama National Guard
US Property and Fiscal Office
Buerau of Land Management
Department of Homeland Security
Customs and Border Control
Federal Emergency Management Agency
Department of Energy
US Department of Agriculture Forest Service
Bueau of Indian Affairs
Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission